A Wonderful Place to Call Home

When we moved to our home in Waterford Glen in December, 2005, There were no other homes here, just ours, the original Shanahan home. Almost nine years later, we are surrounded by lovely homes and terrific neighbors. As our neighborhood matures, we are grateful to have people among us who are stepping up to help with the business of Waterford Glen. Becky Blue, Nitin Jadhav, John Madigan, Rebecca Mochocki and I have the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors of the Association. Although there are only a couple of lots left without homes on them, McKenzie Meyer and Becky Blue and I also serve on the Architectural Control Committee, and work to ensure that standards set forth in the Covenants are met by new construction and projects. We are encouraging all our homeowners to actively participate in the Association, and there will be opportunities coming up soon.

At our annual meeting of the entire association on February 25, it was suggested that we form a Welcoming or Social Committee for Waterford Glen. That committee is looking for volunteers to help with welcoming new neighbors, working on the neighborhood newsletter, and party planning. We all want Waterford Glen to be a welcoming, friendly and beautiful neighborhood, and so we look forward to seeing more homeowners take an active role in the community. If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors or one of the committees, please email waterfordglenhoa@yahoo.com for more information.

Ken Heim
President, HOA


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